Happy Holidays

During the holiday season no doubts that magic truly exists!

But more than magic, what really matters are the people and this is why to share this video with everyone! 🤭

We wish everyone a very cozy holiday season, close to who really matters, filled with moments of happiness. A very very merry Holiday Season! 💚💚

The Holiday Season is upon us!

Here, it’s already Christmas 😊

And our Christmas is very special, because it is made of all the great things so familiar to us, like the candy, joy and closeness but also things that are entirely extraordinary: our heroes. 💚

This year, we proudly decorated our tree with the names of each one of ITPeoplelianos heroes! 🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️

Happy holidays everyone 🎄 🎁

Halloween 2019 - IT People Innovation

Halloween 2019

Booooooo!👻 💀

Be very careful, tonight there might be some scary stuff out there 😂😂 Happy Halloween everyone, with lots of treats and, of course, some tricks 😊

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IT People Innovation - 16a Melhor Empresa para Trabalhar em Portugal 2019 - Best Company 2019

16th Best Company to Work in Portugal

It is rather hard for us to contain the joy and pride, which are absolutely massive, that we’re feeling right now,

Words capable of accurately conveying how much we want to thank tour amazing and unstoppable team – the best team – escape us entirely. We stand now, together, before this immense victory.

We are the 16th Best Company to Work in Portugal and this victory belongs to all of us, ITPeoplelianos 💚

Thank you so much 💚💚💚

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Ocean Litter Cleanup Initiative

We want to give a huge thanks to all the volunteers that joined us and Movimento #SemPalhinhas for an Ocean Litter Cleanup Initiative at Algés Beach on saturday September 21st 🙌 (even though the weather forecast wasn’t the greatest!)

The result: 35 kg of garbage removed off the beach, mostly cigarette buds, small and microplastics 💪💪💪

We also sponsored the sustainable snacks to power all the participants, aiming to be as close to zero waste as possible!

For us it was a great pleasure to participate in this initiative, so important and necessary, and to coordinate efforts to make all of this happen with #SemPalhinhas 😊

A humongous thank you to all 💚 💚 💚

LitterHero Portugal // Lisboa Limpa // Oceano Azul Foundation // Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência // Brigada do Mar // IT People Group

Happy Programmer’s Day

Happy Programmer’s Day 😊 💻💡

Today we celebrate the «Programmer’s Day» and we want to wish all programmers, and especially our ITPeoplelianos, a very happy day! We want to thank you all for, form the very bottom of our hearts, for tirelessly developing the technologies and innovations without which we couldn’t possibly live 😉 #HelplesslyAddicted

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Initiative with Refood

We want to thank our ITPeoplelianos. For your kind donations of food boxes and volunteer hours with Refood. It was your participation that made this action with Refood Alvalade and Refood Covilhã a great success. 🙌

Together, we generated a positive impact. Thank you 💚💚💚

#RefoodAlvalade #RefoodCovilha #InnovatingTogether #PositiveImpact #ITPeopleTeam #ITPeopleInnovation #NextReality #BigAR

World Nature Conservation Day

Today is the World Nature Conservation Day. 🙌 🌏

It is a day to commemorate the beauty and diversity of our planet, but above all else, it is a day to ponder the impact that the actions of people and organizations have on the environment.

Today, especially, we want to draw everyone’s attention to the pollution of oceans with plastic residue and to highlight the initiative Plástico em Portugal? Não obrigado., spearheaded by one of our ITPeoplelianos.

This is a cause we believe in.

We know we can create positive impact with our actions.

Visit, like and share the page and get in touch to know more 😊



IT People Innovation’s morning was at RFM with the Friday Boyz because our Boss is really – really – the coolest 🤘

And more, here our Boss is cool, but the team is too 😉 🎉

Listen to the podcast here:


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Happy Mother’s Day 2019

Our ITPeoplelianas moms are the very best moms – in the world! We already know this, but now it’s for them to have public recognition 💚

And on these rainy days, a cozy and warm cup of tea is just in order 🌧☕️

#InnovatingTogether #HappymothersDay #MothersDay2019 #BestCompanyBestMoms