Why IT People is one of the Best Companies to Work For

For the fourth consecutive year we were distinguished as one of the Best Companies to Work For in Portugal, and in this edition we climbed directly to second place on the podium in the "Medium-Sized Companies" category and to fourth place in the overall ranking, and we couldn’t be prouder! 👏🏽


Do you want to know why is IT People in the Top 5 of the Best Companies to Work for in Portugal? Let's go! 👇🏽



#1 - "We are not a company of numbers, we are a company of people"

Who says so is our CEO, Eduardo Vieitas, and it couldn't be truer! The well-being of our employees is the central concern of our business, and so we strive to meet their needs, ambitions, and desires. How do we do it? By permanently listening to each member of our team because we believe that "one size does not fit all"!



#2 - Our purpose is You

We know that the best companies are made of the best people, and that's why we want to help you prosper and let you know the fundamental role you play in what you dedicate yourself to. That's why we bet on the development of your technical, operational and behavioural skills! Our focus is your evolution! 😊



#3 - If you're happy and you know it clap your hands 👏🏽👏🏽

In addition to being in the Top 5 Best Companies to Work For, we are also the 2nd Happiest Company to Work For in Portugal, a distinction that was awarded to us based on the results of a survey conducted among our employees! To us organizational happiness is not just a concept, but a motto.



#4 - Emotional Fitness

We want you to be in your best physical, psychological, and emotional shape and that's why we promote initiatives and accompaniment that incorporate guidance for your well-being, meeting those that are our organizational values and policies! 💪🏽



#5 – Do I hear other bids?  - Talent Tiers

At IT People we use Talent Tiers, a talent retention program with Blockchain technology that values the companies' goals and increases the teams' emotional salary. How? Through a gamification system in which employees are challenged to meet goals or are compensated whenever they reach milestones. The reward is our Talents, a cryptocurrency that can be used to bid for prizes in auctions that are managed by our AuctionBot. In these auctions we have already bid on IPads, trips to the Caribbean, surf lessons or derbies in a cabin with dinner! And much, much more! 😉



Want to join our IT People family? Send us your resume to recrutamento@itpeople.pt!