The values that guide us are very clear and our commitment to excellence unwavering. It is present in everything we do. This is why we can unequivocally say: our heart is in this, to the fullest.


Our mission focuses on IT Talent hiring and allocating services. We do it through Outsourcing and Nearshore business models as well as developing turnkey IT projects, to fit precisely our customers specifications.

In the field of IT Talent Management, we have a unique approach in the market, which reconciles two of the things we do best: human resources management and disruptive technologies. Beyond all of this, we ensure career paths as well as technical training based on the needs and ambitions of each one of our employees, while guaranteeing full alignment with our corporate growth strategy.


We were founded in 2008 and, with over 10 years of presence in the Portuguese IT market, we are the oldest and largest company within the IT People Group. This a Portuguese corporate group specialized in technological innovation and customized solutions for its clients, operating at a global level from its offices in Portugal and Peru.

Our values





Our recognition

These are the palpable results of our unwavering commitment to excellence in performance as well as the happiness of our people.

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Our team

This is the super team behind the innovation we create. Secret identities and kryptonites all revealed, no filters.

Rute Santos - CEO

Rute Santos

Superpowers: Pragmatic and a dreamer. Kryptonite: Overly lungo coffee from Portela.

Sandra Lourenço

Superpowers: Communicative and joyful. Kryptonite: Dad jokes, lots and lots of dad jokes.

João Gil Alves - Manager

João Gil Alves

Superpowers: Jolly fella and a fighter. Kryptonite: Whenever morning caffeine fails.

Hugo Variz - Manager

Hugo Variz

Superpowers: Imagination and diplomacy. Kryptonite: Head in the clouds.

Diogo Rodrigues - Manager

Diogo Rodrigues

Superpowers: Flexible and Dedicated. Kryptonite: Vertigo.

Inês Santos - Talent Acquisition & Management

Inês Santos

Superpowers: Fun and dynamic. Kryptonite: Sleep and no coffee.

Catarina Silva - Business Manager @ IT People Innovation

Catarina Silva

Superpowers: Dedicated and methodical. Kryptonite: Short nails.

Natália Cunha - Business Unit Director @ IT People Innovation

Natália Cunha

Superpowers: Dynamic and careful. Kryptonite: Heights.

Sofia Proença - Talent Acquisition @ IT People Innovation

Sofia Proença

Superpowers: Dedicated and joyful. Kryptonite: Whenever snacks are lacking.

Joana Pinto - HR & Operations Grioup Manager

Joana Pinto

Superpowers: Resilient and ambitious. Kryptonyte: Questions with obvious answers.

Joana Salvador - Talent Acquisition

Joana Salvador

Superpowers: Enthusiastic and Extrovert. Kryptonite: The smell of orange.

Sílvia Prates - HR Specialist

Sílvia Prates

Superpowers: Persistent and motivating. Kryptonite: Mondays.

Natacha Machado - Talent Acquisition

Natacha Machado

Superpowers: Punctual and determined. Kryptonite: Sugar in coffee.

Vera Costa - Marketing Manager

Vera Costa

Superpowers: Humurous and team Player. Kryptonite: Always starving or food-filled

Inês Ribeiro - Talent Acquisition

Inês Ribeiro

Superpowers: Good-natured and determined. Kryptonite: Panic of heights and roller-coasters.

Beatriz Cardoso - Talent Acquisition

Beatriz Cardoso

Superpowers: Good-natured and sincere. Kryptonites: Being cold.

Margarida Bugalho - Business Manager

Margarida Bugalho

Superpowers: Driving and cooking. Kryptonite: Cod shredding.

Carolina Cóias - Talent Acquisition

Carolina Cóias

Superpowers: Lively and loyal. Kryptonite: Pizza without pineapple.

Mariana Vales - Talent Acquisiition

Mariana Vales

Superpowers: Motivated and calm. Kryptonite: Sleepless nights.

Fabiana Alves - Talent Acquisition

Fabiana Alves

Superpowers: Dreamy and dedicated. Kryptonite: Days without a gym.

Madalena Duarte - Talent Acquisition

Madalena Duarte

Superpowers: Humanitarian side and energy. Kryptonite: Fly.

Adriana Fernandes - Talent Acquisition

Adriana Fernandes

Superpowers: Cooking and a good sense of humor. Kryptonite: Flying.

Danielle Côrtes - Manager

Danielle Côrtes

Superpowers: Proactividad. Kryptonite: Transporte público abarrotado.

Nuno Vieira - Senior Manager

Nuno Vieira

Superpowers: Fun and purposeful. Kryptonite: Not very fresh beer.