The values that guide us are very clear and our commitment to excellence unwavering.

It is present in everything we do. This is why we can unequivocally say: our heart is in this, to the fullest.


Our mission focuses on IT Talent hiring and allocating services. We do it through Outsourcing and Nearshore business models as well as developing turnkey IT projects, to fit precisely our customers specifications.


In the field of IT Talent Management, we have a unique approach in the market, which reconciles two of the things we do best: human resources management and disruptive technologies. Beyond all of this, we ensure career paths as well as technical training based on the needs and ambitions of each one of our employees, while guaranteeing full alignment with our corporate growth strategy.


We were founded in 2008 and, with over 10 years of presence in the Portuguese IT market, we are the oldest and largest company within the IT People Group. This a Portuguese corporate group specialized in technological innovation and customized solutions for its clients, operating at a global level from its offices in Portugal and Peru.

Our values





Our team

Unstoppable in the face of any challenge.

This is the super team behind the innovation we create. Secret identities and kryptonites all revealed, no filters.

Rute Santos

Superpowers: Pragmatic and a dreamer. Kryptonite: Overly lungo coffee from Portela.

Sandra Lourenço

Superpowers: Communicative and joyful. Kryptonite: Dad jokes, lots and lots of dad jokes.

Fábio rosa - Business Unit Director @ IT People Innovation

Fábio Rosa

Superpowers: Awesome and humble. Kryptonite: The very first hours in the morning, every day.

Tatiana Pereira - Business Unit Director @ IT People Innovation

Tatiana Pereira

Superpowers: Assertive and proactive. Kryptonite: Impertinent drivers won’t be tolerated.

Marco Andrade

Superpowers: Resilient and capable. Kryptonite: English only with a proper British accent.

Constança Santos - Regional Managing Director @ IT People Innovation

Constança Santos

Superpowers: Natural-leader and motivated. Kryptonite: Slow progress situation.

Catarina Gomes

Superpowers: Fighter and funny. Kryptonite: Coping with life before the first cup of coffee.

Carolina Pereira - Talent Acquisition @ IT People Innovation

Carolina Pereira

Superpowers: Organization and resilient. Kryptonite: Coffee with sugar.

Pedro Queijeira | Senior Manager @ IT People Innovation

Pedro Queijeira

Extrovert and resilient. Kryptonite: Being stuck in traffic.

Bárbara Almeida

Superpowers: Organized and peaceful. Kryptonite: Comic culture.

Catarina Silva

Superpowers: Dedicated and methodical. Kryptonite: Short nails.

Natália Cunha - Business Unit Director @ IT People Innovation

Natália Cunha

Superpowers: Dynamic and careful. Kryptonite: Heights.

Ricardo Abreu - Talent Acquisition @ IT People Innovation

Ricardo Abreu

Superpowers: Conscientious and assertive. Kryptonite: Highly elaborate hair-dos.

Carolina Faria - Talent Acquisition @ IT People Innovation

Carolina Faria

Superpowers: Persistent and dreamer. Kryptonite: Mornings without the help caffeine.

Pedro Ferreira - Business Manager @ IT People Innovation

Pedro Ferreira

Superpowers: Focused and calm. Kryptonite: Extremely drowsy mornings.

Mariana Morais

Superpowers: Persistent and ecstatic. Kryptonite: Whenever lack of hand moisturizer strikes.