Christmas Party 2019

Our Christmas went a little like this 😊

It was filled with joy, closeness and even some surprises – and, as always, loaded with sprinkles of our most important ingredient, our feeling of union and family 💚

We want to thank one again all of our heroes for one more year together, for another night of eternal memories and for the lively fellowship. Christmas with this family is always special, thank you 😊

Check out our Christmas Party pics here:

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Happy Holidays

During the holiday season no doubts that magic truly exists!

But more than magic, what really matters are the people and this is why to share this video with everyone! 🤭

We wish everyone a very cozy holiday season, close to who really matters, filled with moments of happiness. A very very merry Holiday Season! 💚💚

The Holiday Season is upon us!

Here, it’s already Christmas 😊

And our Christmas is very special, because it is made of all the great things so familiar to us, like the candy, joy and closeness but also things that are entirely extraordinary: our heroes. 💚

This year, we proudly decorated our tree with the names of each one of ITPeoplelianos heroes! 🦸‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️

Happy holidays everyone 🎄 🎁

Magusto 2019 - IT People Innovation

Magusto 2019

Magusto? 🌰🍷 At IT People!

On Monday we held a small get-together, for our Magusto, just like we always do, we lots of fun moments, chestnuts, jeropiga and other delicacies that just couldn’t be missing from this table!

Thank you everyone 🙌

WebSummit 2019 - IT People Innovation

Web Summit 2019

One more year and as always, we couldn’t miss out on the biggest event in world of tech.

This year we were present with our startup BigAR and with our innovative Blockchain solution for talent retention, TalentTiers!

Halloween 2019 - IT People Innovation

Halloween 2019

Booooooo!👻 💀

Be very careful, tonight there might be some scary stuff out there 😂😂 Happy Halloween everyone, with lots of treats and, of course, some tricks 😊

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Work in Portugal 2019

Work in Portugal 2019? Yes – we’re online! 👩‍💻👨‍💻

Come, browse and discover the projects and opportunities we have for you: 🎯

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IT People Innovation - 16a Melhor Empresa para Trabalhar em Portugal 2019 - Best Company 2019

16th Best Company to Work in Portugal

It is rather hard for us to contain the joy and pride, which are absolutely massive, that we’re feeling right now,

Words capable of accurately conveying how much we want to thank tour amazing and unstoppable team – the best team – escape us entirely. We stand now, together, before this immense victory.

We are the 16th Best Company to Work in Portugal and this victory belongs to all of us, ITPeoplelianos 💚

Thank you so much 💚💚💚

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Artificial Realities - Sponsor - IT People Innovation

Artificial Realities @ ISTAR, ISCTE-IUL

The event «Artificial Realities», organized by ISTAR Information Sciences, Technology and Architecture Research Center, ISCTE-IUL took place on October 14th to 18th and had IT People Innovation’s sponsorship.

The goal of this event was to confront technologies such as augmented and virtual reality with their possible use in the field of architecture. We provided access to our Mixed Reality device, Microsoft HoloLens so that the participants could try on for themselves on the most promising devices for this field.

To learn more about Artificial Realities: