Opposite Day

January 31st is Opposite Day, but even upside down our achievements are absolutely extraordinary 💪💪

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Healthy Resolutions for 2019

In order to start 2019 the right way, with the right foot in the gym and healthier eating habits, we gave our ITPeoplelianos the opportunity to have a nutrition and body assessment appointment with a healthcare professional! 👩‍⚕️ 📝

We’re all starting off the new year with new fitness and health goals for our ‘Mission: Healthy IT Peopole Group 2019!’ 💪 🥦 🍎

#InnovatingTogether #ITPeopleTeam #FitYearGoals #AlwaysInnovating

Christmas Party 2018

Our Christmas Party 2018 was juts like this: full of joy, a breathtaking backdrop, team and Christmas spirit to go around.

On highlight were the wishes of every ITPeopleliano for the Christmas season of 2018 and for the new year which would soon begin – we hope everything you wished for has and will come true!

Thank you everyone for another moment that will live on in our memories 😊


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NrrHx_vnZw

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