10 tips to stand out on Linkedin

10 tips to stand out on Linkedin

With over 756 million users (June 2021), Linkedin is not only the largest professional network in the world, but it is also one of the most used tools by companies in their recruitment & selection processes!

If you’re starting your career or looking for a new challenge, you need to use it and manage your personal branding: let everyone know who you are, your training, your skills, your interests and make sure that your page represents you and your professional aspirations.

To motivate you to give your Linkedin a boost, check our 10 tips to highlight your profile and increase your visibility!


1️⃣ Say cheese: choose a charismatic photo!

Although Linkedin has more a professional scope, it is still a social network and therefore you should use a good quality profile picture of yourself, since a good photo will increase the likelihood of your profile being viewed.

Use a recent, centered face pic and avoid background elements! The dimensions you should consider are: 1024x1024 / max 10 mb.

Put a smile on your face and get ready for the photos shoot! 🤳


2️⃣ Use cover photo!

You know that expression: you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Use the resources at your disposal to do so! Linkedin allows you to use a cover photo that can improve your profile visuals!

It can be anything: an image you really like, a graphic content that you created yourself, your slogan, a company image… whatever you like, as long as it relates to you!

You can use tools like Canva, Visme or Design Wizard to get inspired and create your own banner! 😉


3️⃣ Don´t limit your tagline to your current role

You have 120 characters to create a tagline, so make sure you use the right keywords that will make it easier for recruiters to reach your profile!

Be concise and describe your core competencies, distinctive elements, your value propositions and/or the position you are looking for! After all, you should put the information through which you would like to be found. Some examples:

// Head of Online Marketing | Content Strategy | SEO | Social Media

// Senior Web Developer | Full Stack | Javascript | Cloud Technology

// Talent Recruiter @ IT People Innovation, looking for a colleague to join one of the happiest companies in Portugal!


4️⃣ Introduce yourself to the world

On Linkedin you’ll find the “about” field, where you can introduce yourself to the visitors of your profile. You have 2600 characters to detail who you are, your skills, your professional background… whatever you think will promote you in the best way, using relevant keywords! Some suggestions:

// Talk about your passion, what excites you, what motivates you at work;

// Explain what you do in your current position;

// Give an overview of your career path up to the present moment;

// Highlight your achievements;

// Do you have any hobbies, interests, or a story that reveals your personality? Get to know yourself beyond your professional self!

🚩 Attention: only the first three lines of your text will be visible, so make sure these sentences will make visitors to your profile curious to click the "See More" button. 👁


5️⃣ Customize your URL

Use your name to create a personal link to your Linkedin profile. It will be easier for you to share it in your mail signature, business card or resume!

In addition, you are also making it easier for your profile to appear in search engine searches!


6️⃣ Connect with people & follow companies

Don’t be ashamed to connect with people you don’t know! By doing this, you are increasing your network! Be strategic and add people who work in your field or in areas of your interest. Also follow companies and brands that you admire, that inspire you and where you would like to work, and keep up with their latest news and job opportunities! 😉 You can start by following the IT People Group Linkedin page HERE.


7️⃣ Recommendations

Recommendations build confidence about you and your skills. Start by recommending your friends, colleagues, former colleagues, and acquaintances for their technical and soft skills, and they will do the same for you! 🤜🤛


8️⃣ Add groups!

On Linkedin you can find numerous groups related to numerous areas and interests that you should join. You’ll find people sharing experiences, doubts, opinions and questions on topics that may be relevant to you! It is also a way to e expand your network and create new contacts. Win-Win!


9️⃣ Share, Like, Comment

Interact, share content, create articles…Use the means at your disposal to promote your work, interact and create engagement! The more active you are, the greater your visibility will be!


🔟 Create a secondary language profile

You can have your page in a different language than your default profile, which could be useful if you're looking for an opportunity at an international company.

How to:

- Click on “Me” at the top of the page;

- Click “View Profile”;

- and Click “Add profile in another language”.

Photo by Samson Katt @ Pexels

IT People joins #PlasticFreeJuly

This July, IT People joins the #PlasticFreeJuly movement, and the good news is that everyone can participate!

Plastic Free July is a global movement that seeks to inspire people to find solutions and make small changes in order to reduce plastic consumption and, consequently, plastic pollution!

We already know that disposable plastics have their days counted (in our offices, they are already being banned!), but there is still a long way to go, and we can all contribute with small changes like:

✅ Avoid buying packaged fruit and vegetables - opt for buying in bulk;

✅ Use reusable bags;

✅ Avoid using single-use plastics (cups, cutlery, cotton swabs, take-away packaging...);

✅ Swap the plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one;

✅ Swap the shower gel/liquid soap for solid soap;

✅ Avoid buying bottled water - opt to have a reusable bottle with you at all times.

Stopping using plastic can be a difficult task (such is its omnipresence...), but reducing its consumption is a matter of changing habits, and we can all contribute! Let's do it!

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