10 Reasons to be the Happiest Company in Portugal

IT People Innovation was recently distinguished as the Happiest Company in Portugal, by the Happiness Works 2022 awards, achieving an Organizational Happiness level of 4.8 (on a scale from 1 to 5).


After in our first participation, in 2021, we got directly to the podium with an honorable 2nd place, in this edition, which counted with the participation of 123 companies, we managed to overcome ourselves and cto onquered the title of Happiest Company!


This result comes from a survey promoted by the organization of this initiative among employees of the candidate companies, and therefore we couldn't be prouder with the fact that our IT-People feel happy with us!


Therefore, nothing better than to know the testimony of some of our team members, so that we can know firsthand what makes IT People the leader in organizational happiness in the country.


1. I am happy at IT People because I can always count on the support and closeness of all employees, for the continuous follow-up, for the development opportunities and, last but not least, for the treats we are always receiving 😋😂

Wagner Rosa Cybersecurity


2. There is not just one reason why I am happy at IT People, but several: the first is the people. IT People has fantastic people, from my manager Natália to the various colleagues I have dealt with, to the team in HR, management and all the different areas. Another reason is the interaction that IT People has with the employees, in order to make them feel that they are part of the IT People family, and not just mere resources. 😊

Marco Almeida - Suporte Aplicacional


3. Being part of the IT People family is being part of a company where the concern for our well-being is a differentiating factor from other companies. It is being part of a family where good mood and mutual help reign.

André Baptista - Outsystems Developer


4. I am happy working at IT People because the Team Spirit is extraordinary! 

Sofia Proença Talent Acquisition


5. I had never worked as a consultant before and it was challenging to think myself as a service provider, but ITPeople shows me every day that a good company is dedicated to the employee and has, above all, attention to their welfare first and only then think about the external factors. A good employee is the one who feels safeguarded by his entity, feels that they invest in his training and personal/professional growth, and in the professional world in which we currently find ourselves, I can say that I have never felt so safeguarded as since I entered here.

Carla Ferreira Data Analyst


6. I could mention countless reasons why I am happy at IT People, but I will start by highlighting the strong proximity, transparency and constant concern for people. Valuing Human Capital is undoubtedly one of the fundamental pillars of the Organization. We feel we belong to an organization that encourages our capabilities, that values us and that defends a work-life blend policy. Being part of a culture based on these values are just some of the many reasons to work at IT People, which was certainly distinguished as the happiest company to work for!

Natália Cunha BU Director


7. There are countless reasons why I am happy at IT People, but being a recent mother of two children, I point to the flexible working hours as one of the elements that makes me feel happiest, because it allows me to reconcile my personal and professional life in the best way!

Tatiana Pereira BU Director


8. Being happy at IT People is an easy goal to achieve, not just for one reason, but for several: first of all, the camaraderie and mutual help environment that we have, which is also marked by a great sense of humor. Then, the opportunities for growth and development that are provided to me, always based on a career and training plan aligned with my expectations, and also the flexibility and focus on the well-being of each employee!

Pedro Ferreira Business Manager



9. I am happy working at IT People because the good mood and mutual help is a constant in this team of people who are all top!

Silvia Prates HR Specialist


10. There are many reasons why IT People is the Best Company to Work for in Portugal: besides the focus on the well-being and personal and professional development of each employee, I would also highlight the good atmosphere and team spirit, and Talent Tiers, our Talent Management program, which rewards our participation in initiatives, activities, events or the achievement of milestones, with cryptocurrencies that allow us to bid in the periodic auctions that exist, giving us the opportunity to bid for products, services or experiences such as tandem jumps, iPads, extra vacation days, among many other things!

Vera Costa Marketing Manager



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